Interfaith Workshop
Shidler Hall auditorium, University of Hawaii
Honolulu, September 1 (Labor Day), 2014
All Believers Network (Belnet)
Department of Religion, University of Hawaii (UH)
Milun (Association for Promoting South Asian Culture)

While poets and philosophers often opine it is the same God in all religions, followers of many religions often opine theirs is the only true God. Can both be correct?

Join this exploration of how each religion describes its Revered One and the extent to which these perceptions appear similar across religions. The 350+ responses we have received thus far to our Perceptions Survey (attached), enriched by responses we hope to receive to this announcement, will serve as our database. Similarities in symbolism, foods considered sacred, and rituals to try the reach the Revered One will be supplemental information considered.

This action-oriented workshop will also develop an Interfaith Harmony Index, start the process of interfaith curriculum development, and plan for our international interfaith conference, scheduled for May 23-25, 2015 (Memorial Day weekend), in Honolulu.

We are inviting Hawaii’s Representative to the U.S.Congress TulsiGabbardand Hawaii State Senator Suzie Chun Oakland as guest speakers.

Registration cost: $20 (including “picnic style” buffet lunch, with participants eating either at concrete benches in the Shidler Hall courtyard or on the lawn (might become “adventurous” if it rains). The UH auditorium capacity (160) limits our participant size. Generally, parking is free on public holidays at UH.

Please register here and complete the survey on Perception of Reality in Various Religions here.

Please make your check payable to conference co-sponsor MILUN and mail to: Harendra Panalal, Treasurer, Hale-O-Kalani Towers, 1702 Kewalo Street, PH # PH3, Honolulu, HI 96822. Harendra can be contacted at HarendraP@Leisinc.com, and his phone number is 808-538-6202.

Joan Chatfield, MM, Ph.D.


Saleem Ahmed, Ph.D.
President, All Believers Network &
President, MILUN

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WE PROCLAIM our belief that all spiritually-based religions are from the One Eternal Being and this Message was brought to us by many inspired spiritual teachers, all of whom we respect equally. We aspire to create a unity of consciousness that all Spiritual Teachings build a loving relationship between us and the Being. In our quest to reach the Being, we do not compete with each other, but only with our own egos and biases.

The All Believers Network meets on the last Tuesday of each month at

First Unitarian Church

2500 Pali Highway


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The Monthly Forum begins promptly at 7:00PM and adjourns at 8:30PM.